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Tea Sets

-  Tea Sets  -

Premium tea requires premium teawares. Here, you can find a great selection of tea sets and accessories in different sizes. From enjoying a cup of tea by yourself to entertaining a large group of guests, we have the perfect teawares that best suit your needs.


-  Gaiwan and Tea Pot  -

Complete your tea table setup with our premium and elegant Gaiwan!

Sharing Pots

-  Sharing Pots -

Share your tea experience with family & friends with our stylish sharing pots!

Tea Cups

-  Tea Cups  -

Select a unique set of tea cups to perfect your tea drinking experience!

Tea Trays

-  Tea Trays  -

A tea table is not complete without a beautiful tea tray. Genuine wood and bamboo tea tryas for you to choose.

Tea Accessories

-  Tea Accessories  -

The world of teaware is more than just pots and cups. Complete your tea table setup with our exclusive and cultured tea accessories.

Instant Pour Over
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