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-  Our Tea Masters  -

Guo-Xing Wang


With over 30 years experience of tea-making and research, Guo-Xing Wang is our most celebrated tea master. Certified by China’s Ministry of Culture in 2006, Mr. Wang is the heir to the national non-material cultural heritage in tea-making. He represents the most authentic and traditional techniques in tea-making. Mr. Wang’s works are considered the best and can be purchased by pre-orders only.

Tian-Mei Xue


Mr. Xue leads our Wu-Yi handcrafted tea team. A tea-making veteran with more than 40 years experience, Mr. Xue is a leading figure in preserving traditional handcrafted tea-making techniques. Mr. Xue is also a local activist in teaching and guiding young generation of tea-makers.

Ming-Xing Xue


Born into a tea-making family, Mr. Xue is the rising star of his generation. Mr. Xue’s Rou-Gui and Shui-Xian have won multiple awards in local and national tea conventions. 

Hua-Liang Fu


Mr. Fu is a promising young star in black tea making. Born and raised in Tong Mu, Mr. Fu and his family members are renowned for their long history in black tea making. In fact, Mr. Fu’s family pioneered “Jin Jun Mei”, the highest standard in black tea. Carrying on his family tradition, Mr. Fu oversees our black tea production.

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