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Valley Brook Tea | 3G Guarantee

Our 3W Guarantee tells the story of “Who, Where and When”. For each tea product, we specify who made it, where exactly it was made, and when it was harvested, crafted, stored and packaged.


We believe one can truly become a master in one’s own field only if he/she understands every aspect of the business. The language, the environment and the people are the essence of a good cup of tea. That is why we are so unique in the marketplace. We are one of the few tea companies in American that actually handles everything from growing the plants to crafting the tea in house. You see, we are in tea business is not because we visited a plantation and suddenly fell in love with tea. We are in tea business is because it is our roots. Our tea masters learned tea-making from their fathers, and their fathers learned from their fathers. Even our average tea pickers have more than 20 years of practice and experience. It is the knowledge and the skill of tea-making that passed down for generations make us who we are.

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