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-  Instant Pour Over Tea Set  -

Life is fast, and you are always on the go. Why compromise the quality of your tea just because you want to make life easier? Introducing our first Instant Pour Over tea set, our fast tea-making product that allows you to prepare a cup of best quality tea within seconds.

-  How It Works  -

Our Instant Pour Over set includes:


One bronze frame with food grade silicone drip tray;

One glass funnel with wooden base;

One glass tea pot;

One handcrafted real Pu-ti leaf filter;

Natural filter paper, 100 count;


Instant Pour Over set requires gooseneck kettle to insure the delivery of best tea quality. Suggested gooseneck kettles are:

1. Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck       Kettle

2. Hario Pouring Kettle.

​These kettles can be separately purchased on Amazon or at your local stores.

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