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At Valley Brook, we are passionate about sharing the authentic Chinese tea and tea culture with our customers.


A tea leaf’s journey begins with the environment that nourishes it ——a valley that regulates the sunlight a leaf receives, and a brook that flows through the field. As its name suggests, Valley Brook was founded with its own valley and brook. Headquartered in Fujian and Virginia, Valley Brook specializes in oolong tea, black tea and white tea. For generations, Valley Brook cultivates three precious tea mountains with some of the most celebrated tea makers in China. Valley Brook proudly preserves the traditional tea-making techniques. We grow, harvest, craft and package all products ourselves. This is why we are able to provide all of our customers with our exclusive “3W” guarantee


Tea is one of world’s oldest and best beverages. Chinese tea’s rich history and vast variety make it more difficult for people to genuinely enjoy and appreciate its quality. We at Valley Brook are committed to not only deliver the best of our products to our customers, but also educate the world through events with institutes, museums and cultural exchange. Our mission is committed to bring the wonderful world of tea culture to you.

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