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  • Song Dynasty (宋代) is China's most artistic and elegant dynasty. This Ruyao Gaiwan, represents one of the most famous five kilns in Song Dynasty.


    Ruyao teaware are famous for the iconic crackles. The color of tea will slowly sink into these crackles after a certainly period of use. Every Ruyao tea set would eventually become a truly unique personalized statement.


    This particular design is slightly taller and larger than usual a standard 150ml Gaiwan.

    Gold Line RuYao Gaiwan (2 Colors)

    • Dehua, Quanzhou, Fujian

    • Total Height: 4.72''

      Diameter: 4.33''


      Total Volume: 180ml

      *Please notice that this is an handmade item. Its exact measurement may vary.

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