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Blog 2: What Does Our Logo Mean?

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve got. You may have noticed, our logo is two Chinese characters: “茗” and “觉”, pronounced “Ming-Jue”. Because it’s written in seal character, it reads from the right. “Ming Jue” is also our brand name used in China.

The name “Ming Jue” has multiple layers of meaning to us. “茗” (Ming) is a more elegant expression for “famous tea”; “觉” (Jue) is a borrowed buddhist concept, meaning “a sudden realization”. Together, it becomes our mission to help our customers truly understand and appreciate the craftsmanship, the hard work of our tea masters and the quality of our teas.

Our passion for tea is beyond its flavor. We hope that with our products, you can one day have “a sudden realization/understand of tea”. This is the ultimate reason why “茗” and “觉” became an important part of public image.


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