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Now Available: Valley Brook Tea eGift Cards

Updated: May 29, 2020

What are Valley Brook eGift Cards?

Our eGift Card is an electronic, rechargeable gift card that can be used in our Dupont store at 2101 P St NW, Washington DC 20037.

How do I purchase Valley Brook eGift Cards?

Please click this link to purchase our E-Gift Card:

1. Choose a card design.

2. Select the amount you want to purchase.

3. Please provide recipient’s name and Email.

4. (Optional) You can choose send a personal message and a delivery date.

5. Once purchased, there will be an activation Email sent to you (the recipient). You can activate your eGift Card following the link in the Email.

If you do not receive the activation Email, please contact us at

Where can you use our eGift Cards? What can I used eGift Cards for?

You can use your eGift Cards at our Dupont store located at 2101 P St NW, Washington DC 20037.

The gift card can be used to purchase food&drinks, teaware, retail tea products, accessories and other products.

What do I need to redeem my eGift Cards?

With our eGift Cards, you don’t need physical cards anymore! Just come to our Dupont store and enjoy!

Can I use my eGift Cards at Valley Brook Tea online store?

Because the current integration limitation set by our merchant service provider, our eGift Cards cannot be automatically redeemed at our online store.

If you prefer to use your eGift Cards for your online purchase, please contact us directly at

Why didn’t you offer eGift Cards sooner?

About a month ago, we started offering our eGift Cards to customers who asked for them. However, we didn’t sell the eGift Cards to the public because we wanted to make sure that we have enough financial resources to survive the Covid-19 shutdown. We do not want to disappoint our customers by selling them a gift card that they won’t be able to redeem.

Now, with our future secured, we’re confident to fulfill our promise to our customers with our eGift Cards.


Please feel free to email us at


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