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Blog 92: Happy Chinese New Year (and Thank you)

Happy new year! Year of the pig! To us, today is probably the biggest holiday of the year.

Since spring last year, we’ve been updating our tea blog twice a week. Till today, we’ve published 91 blogs.

At this most wonderful time of the year, we’d like to thank everyone who’s been following this blog. In 2019, we’ll continue bringing you the firsthand and most trusted tea knowledge.

As a tea producer ourselves, we’re always proud that we represent some of the most elegant parts of our culture.

Throughout history, tea has always been a premium enjoyment that only some in the society can appreciate.

In old times, all premium teas were pretty much exclusive to the royal court. For example, in China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279), the royal court employed hundreds of families to produce just tens of pounds of oolong tea. At that time, tea was something far away from the life of commoners.

Modern days have helped tea makers like us to improve our tea-making methods. Today, we can produce tons of teas every year. While tea is getting more affordable, people are becoming too busy to experience tea.

Even in China, home of tea and tea culture, most people do not know basics about tea. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to a superficial understanding of tea. Most information you can find are either incomplete or wishful thinking. When those information are translated into various languages, even more valuable details and facts are lost.

This is perhaps why some tea lovers and tea business owners believe everything herbal can be “tea”, and tea-making is merely picking green leaves.

Of course, the world of tea is far more complicated than that. To us, tea is the work of tea plants, the growing environment, and tea makers. Each of the three subjects worths exploring and elaborating.

Some friends of this blog have been wondering, at this rate of publishing new blogs, if we’ll run out of topics one day.

The honest answers is: maybe, but unlikely. In 2018, over half of our tea blogs are about oolong tea. But, we’ve just scratched the surface. It’s fascinating how we can come up with more topics while explaining existing ones.

Writing this tea blog has been a learning journey for us as well. In the course of trying to explain profound tea knowledges (often expressed in formal Chinese language) into a clear and easy to understand version in English, we’ve introduced plenty of interesting analogies and metaphors to help our readers better visualize the whole picture.

We’ll soon reach our first milestone: the 100th blog, and this is only the start of a even longer voyage. There will be 200th blog, 300th blog, 400th blog…

We truly thank you for your continued interest in this tea blog, and we hope you’ll be a part of our great future journey as well.

Thank you very much and Happy New Year!



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