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  • Scent of Longan is a type of Jin Jun Mei, or “Golden Eyebrow”, the highest-quality black tea that only uses newly sprouted leaf tips from high-altitude tea trees for tea-making. Scent of Longan’s name comes from its sweet and honey-like taste, similar to the taste of Longan fruits. Scent of Longan has a stunning amber color. The honey aroma and long-lasting sweet taste linger in the mouth from the first cup to the last cup.  


    Scent of Longan has a strict and laborious tea-making process. Fresh leaves can only be plucked in early morning when there is still a thin layer of fog above the field. One tea work can gather only hundreds of leaves per day, and making a pound of Scent of Longan tea takes tens of thousands of fresh leaves.


    What's in the bag?

    One bag of Scent of Longan weights: 5g-6g, all loose leaf.

    One serving(bag) can produce at least 32 once or 1 liter of tea. 

    Scent of Longan

    • Hua-Liang Fu

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