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  • Celebrate this Year of the Dragon with our Chinese New Year Lucky Bag!


    What's in it:

    - Tote bag with New Year Dragon × 1


    - Year of the Dragon Special Teas

    Dragon Beard Black Tea * 1

    Dragon Well Green Tea * 1

    Ban Tian Yao Oolong * 1

    (see instruction below for brewing tips)


    - Carved Metal Bookmark × 1

    This design is inspired by a traditional Chinese New Year's blessing of 顺利 (pronounced: Shun Li). It is to wish you a smooth and fullfilling new year.


    - Real Tea Brick Ornament × 1

    A compressed loose leaf tea brick ornament. The front side is a dragon design traditionally used on emperor's formal "Dragon Robe". The back is a Chinese phrase 出入平安 (travel safely).


    - Year of the Dragon Teacup × 1

    A speical teacup with a dragon holding a sign with the upside-downcharacter "福" (pronouced: Fu, meaning luck).


    - Heat Resistant Table Mat with Dragon

    A heat-resistant table mat with a dragon design. This mat can be hanged.


    - Year of the Dragon Red Packet

    A red packet, or 红包 in Chinese, is traditionally given to kids or unmarried family members during the Chinese New Year holiday. It is usually filled with cash. We made this red packet slightly bigger so it can also be used for daily items such as cell phones or small notebooks.

    Year of the Dragon Gift Bag

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