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  • Valley Brook Tea Signature Oolong Tea Brick brings convenience and quality together. Our Signature Oolong Tea Brick is loose leaves compressed into 12 chocolate-size bricks. To enjoy it, just break one small piece off and infuse it in a pot or a Gaiwan.


    Our Signature Oolong Tea Brick produces more tea soup. One small piece can make more than 1 literof tea!


    This tea brick is lightly roasted to better present the complexity of rich aromas and tastes of the leaves. 


    Tea Brick Instruction:


    Each oolong brick contains 12 high quality chocolate-sized pieces. Every piece produces at least 60oz of tea.


    Please store the tea brick in dry and cool environment, away from direct sunlight and foreign smells.


    Please only use bottled spring water or filtered water.


    Water Temperature: 212/100


    Steeping Time:

    • Briefly rinse the tea brick with hot water and dump the first infusion.
    • Once the leaves are extended, tea leaves produce colors, aromas, and tastes nearly INSTANTLY.
    • DO NOT steep the tea for more than 5 seconds.

    Signature Oolong Tea Brick

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