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  • Huang Guan Yin (Chinese: 黄观音, meaning: yellow goddess), also called “105” by tea makers, is a Wuyi oolong cultivar fathered by famed Tie Guan Yin plants and mothered by Huang Dan plants. Huang Guan Yin is famous for its sharp, floral and celestial aroma. Being a close relative to Golden Peony, Huang Guan Yin has light roast and a more balanced taste. Huang Guan Yin can deliver a perfect immersive tea experience.


    What's in the bag?

    One bag of Huang Guan Yin weights: 7g-8g, all loose leaf.

    One serving(bag) can produce at least 32 once or 1 liter of tea. 

    Huang Guan Yin

    • Xue Tian-Mei, Xue Ming-Xing


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