• Our most innovative and easy-to-use teaware.


    First of all, we designed this set to look like a Tang Suit, the traditional Chinese costume in Tang Dynasty (618-907).


    Then, we made this tea set even more practical.


    The base of the pot is detached from the main body. If you want to make tea, simply put the base and the main body on top of the glass pitcher. When all three “golden bottoms” are aligned, the pot is in a “locked” mode. In this mode, the liquid is locked in the tea pot so you can steep the tea. Once your tea is ready, simply turn the main body 180 degrees, and tea will automatically flow into the glass pitcher.


    This set also comes with 3 small tea cups and an embroidery-covered travel case.

    Ready-Turn Traveler Set (3 colors)

    • Dehua, Quanzhou, Fujian

    • Tea Pot Height: 3.46''

      Tea Pot Diameter: 2.76''


      Glass Pitcher Height: 3.45''

      Glass Pitcher Diameter: 2.87''

      Glass Pitcher Volume: 150ml


      Tea Cup Height: 1.57''

      Tea Cup Diameter: 1.90''


      Travel Bag Length: 8.28''

      Travel Bag Width: 3.94''

      Travel Bag Height: 4.72''


      *Please notice that this is an handmade item. Its exact measurement may vary.