• Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with our unique gift bag!


    The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the end of the autumn harvest. In China, it is viewed as one of the most important traditional holidays. The Mid-Autumn is probably most famous for mooncake making and sharing, as well as family gathering, gift giving, and fireworks.


    Our Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Bag celebrates this special holiday with our uniquely designed and selected items:


    • Three Tea Products (one oolong tea, one black tea, and one white tea);
    • One “mooncake” ceramic tea caddy;
    • *One ceramic rabbit figure;
    • One mid-autumn themed metal bookmark featuring a full moon and traditional Chinese building design;
    • One tea cloth;
    • *One blue and white ceramic coaster;
    • One mid-autumn themed tote bag.


    * These items have two or more patterns, and they will be randomly selected. Please contact us is you have special request.

    Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Bag