• To a tea lover, Gaiwan is more than just a tool for tea-drinking. It is a signature, a symbol, and an expression of who we are. Rarely we have a Gaiwan like this Blue Ocean Gaiwan that is so balanced and perfect in every possible way.


    The craftsmanship that goes into this Gaiwan is incredible. It offers so many delicate details. From the golden lid top to the handpainted red-crowned cranes, everything is finished with such effort and dedication.


    This Gaiwan has a complex color combination. This is the tricky part of this particular Gaiwan design. Usually, a teaware with too many colors might just end up being a little tacky. But our designer created a clever solution: we made a satin-like finish. By making it less shiny, we made this already perfect Gaiwan even more artistic.



    Blue Ocean Gaiwan

    • Dehua, Quanzhou, Fujian

    • Total Height: 4''

      Diameter: 4.5''


      Total Volume: 150ml

      *Please notice that this is an handmade item. Its exact measurement may vary.