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Public Tea Class: Oolong Tea 101

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We’ll have another tea class on Wednesday, September 16th. The event will go live at 3 PM on both Zoom and Facebook Live.

In this online live event, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • What’s Oolong Tea?

  • Where does the name come from?

  • Where do most oolong tea come from?

  • What makes Oolong Tea special?

  • What’s oolong tea’s tea-making?

  • How to make a perfect cup of Oolong Tea?

Special Program:

During the live event, we’ll give out discount codes for our Oolong Tea Sample Box:

The sample box includes 5 different oolong teas: Rou Gui, Shui Xian, Huang Guan Yin, Golden Peony and Wild Harvest.

We’ll discuss the taste profile of different oolong tea products in the sample box.

15% OFF Discount Code: oolong101

How to Join:

Facebook Live:

- Like our Facebook page and the live event will appear on our Facebook page at 3PM, 09/16.


Meeting ID: 871 7792 8404

Passcode: 840460

Find your local number:

Class Material:

Blog | Valley Brook Tea
New leaves in early spring, before the spring harvest.

Blog | Valley Brook Tea
Machine Harvest

Blog | Valley Brook Tea
Sun-withering fresh leaves

Blog | Valley Brook Tea
A Standard Oolong Fresh Harvest

A oolong fresh leaf after the shaking process

Mr. Xue Sr. shows the traditional shaking/摇青:

Charcoal ash for roasting leaves:

1 comment

1 Comment

Christopher Masters
Christopher Masters
Nov 01, 2020

Thank you for the "haircut" blog entry. Interesting and informative! I have read a lot on the internet about tea processing recently, but this is first I have seen about giving the tea bush a "haircut." It's refreshing to see something new. Like the photos too!

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